Torbit 2020 – The First Edition Real Estate Book


Torbit 2020 is an enlightening guide that delves into the real estate landscape, providing valuable insights to consumers, developers, NBFCs, and policymakers. For homebuyers and investors, the book offers a comprehensive understanding of real estate, investment, pricing, and market dynamics. Expert advice from Sanjeev Kathuria aids in making informed decisions and avoiding common pitfalls. The book also sheds light on RERA, home loans, legal rights, and tax benefits. Developers gain proactive perspectives on customer engagement, sales strategies, and post-pandemic challenges. Valuable practices for a robust and dependable real estate environment are shared by industry experts.



Unlock the potential of the real estate industry with “Torbit 2020 – The First Edition Real Estate Book,” a comprehensive resource that delves deep into building transparency and resilience. This invaluable guide addresses the pressing challenges faced by consumers, developers, NBFCs, and policymakers, providing actionable solutions to navigate the ever-evolving landscape.

For homebuyers and investors, this book is a game-changer, offering unparalleled insights into the workings of India’s real estate market. With candid advice from seasoned expert Sanjeev Kathuria, readers gain essential strategies and clarity on government policies, project selection, and the crucial choice between ready-to-move and under-construction properties.

Discover how “Torbit 2020” demystifies RERA regulations and empowers readers to make informed decisions about home loans, taxes, and legal rights. Uncovering the hidden nuances of project selection, this book equips consumers to identify the finest points often overlooked in the decision-making process, ensuring safer and more rewarding investments.

Developers and real estate professionals find a proactive outlook in “Torbit 2020,” guiding them on customer-centric approaches, employee engagement, and successful sales strategies. Embracing unconventional selling methods, understanding the role of channel partners, and leveraging marketing as a powerful platform, this book sets a path for sustained growth and success.

In the wake of the post-Corona Pandemic era, “Torbit 2020” offers visionary insights and practical steps to kickstart business and embrace newer opportunities. Sanjeev Kathuria’s expertise comes to the forefront, handholding readers to maximize existing assets and capitalize on essential policies.

A dedicated chapter addresses the critical relationship between NBFCs and developers, unraveling past challenges and outlining the necessary steps to overcome turmoil. Embrace best practices shared by top industry experts to foster a dependable, professional, and flourishing environment for all stakeholders.

With “Torbit 2020 – The First Edition Real Estate Book,” empower yourself with a wealth of knowledge, and embark on a transformative journey towards a vibrant, transparent, and successful real estate landscape.”


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